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Partners & Members

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Evy Tea

We believe tea isn’t just a drink, but an experience. 

While coffee is typically seen as functional drink used to get you going, tea is a drink that is sipped slowly and enjoyed as it accompanies you in your day. We create teas that please your eyes, nose, and taste buds. They have gorgeous clarity, layers of notes from teas, fruits, herbs, and spices, and a delicately playful flavors that are engaging and fun. 

We’re never done creating. We listen to customers, and continually push and reinvent and rethink in order to make our products better, more unique, and more enjoyable.



Founded in 1984, Gigatek is a global, full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) company based in Taiwan, with additional facilities in China and the United States.

Gigatek provides low-cost, high quality EMS, rapid product design & generation as well as superior quality management from factory to market.

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Kubica & Nguyen Photography


Providing professional headshots & product photography for your brand. We proudly serve all of New England and our services are available domestically and internationally.

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Anchored Canvas


Branding, Marketing & Website Design

Anchor points, in graphic design terms, define the direction of the path of an object.  Canvases are the base for an artist's vision. They start off blank, but very quickly show the framework &  identity of the painting. 

Anchored Canvas will define the direction of your brand identity, using your initial vision for your company as its guide.