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MEETUP EVENT: Discuss Startup Ideas, Network, Dinner & Drinks

Come hear presentations from early stage startups, while drinking beer, eating pizza and meeting other interesting people!

The Mission of this group is to facilitate a connection between the two core personas needed to create a successful technology startup: the Hacker and the Hustler. We recognize this probably won't happen the first night, so we are here to encourage those early stage conversations in a friendly social environment.

EVENT SPONSOR: Equity Venture Partners (


6:30 - Food, drinks and socializing.
7:00 - Guest Speaker  - Jason Kraus of Equity Venture Partners and Prepare 4 VC.
7:30 - Presenter 1  - Francis Huynh of JustHuynh, a social fitness platform that connects people with others nearby to train together in achieving their fitness goals.
8:00 - Presenter 2  - Alland Timas, a Hustler who has dreams of revolutionizing the tech industry by developing a smart display.
8:30 - Presenter 3 - ???

9:00 - Lightning Talks, Introductions and Networking

9:30 - Cleanup and after party!

Call for Presenters

Do you have a startup idea, but don't know if it has legs? Are you an early stage startup looking to reach an interested audience? Don't worry if you don't have a fully formed idea. If you are passionate about an area, but don't quite know how to approach it, this is the perfect place to present, get feedback, and meet other people interested in the same idea! Please email with a brief summary of your topic.