Edibles Food Lab

Boston’s first and only food lab & community for entrepreneurs looking to develop cannabis infused products. At the Edibles Food Lab, our members have access to an affordable, collaborative co-working space and a state of the art commercial production kitchen, which offers the following equipment:

Kubica _ Nguyen-6.jpg
  • Blodgett convection ovens
  • Impinger conveyer ovens
  • Shrink wrap tunnel machines
  • Steam kettles
Kubica _ Nguyen-11.jpg
  • Automatic slicers
  • Manuel slicers
  • Dishwashing machine
  • Flat top grille
  • 2500 sq. feet of production space
Kubica _ Nguyen-10.jpg
  • Stainless tables and utensils
  • 3,000 sq. feet of refrigerated production space
  • 2500 sq.  feet of walk in space
  • Freezer space

We also offer access to executive mentorship from industry experts, connections with Massachusetts RMDs, cannabis supply-chain experts, and educational programming. Come join our community today as we work to shape the future of the cannabis industry in Massachusetts.